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This section is devoted to our beloved dogs who are waiting at the Rainbow Bridge. If you would like to include a tribute to your B.O.N.E.S. beagle(s) that crossed to Rainbow Bridge, please send your story and/or photo(s) to

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Skeeter (2006 (?) - August 18, 2020)

Skeeter Skeeter was found stray in Vermont in the summer of 2013. Through the help of B.O.N.E.S., he made his way to us that September. We never learned his history, original name, or age, but he was probably seven-ish when he joined us. He had good energy back then, and our adult sons were living at home. They took him for lots of walks in our neighborhood, and he loved it.

He arrived knowing no commands at all, but he was house trained, knew how to use stairs, and was calm. We often wondered about his history.

Skeeter was the quietest beagle ever. We rarely heard "aroooooooo" for the first five years. As he aged, he'd start baying when we came home from being away for a few hours.

He didn't show emotion with his face, either. He'd stare at you with a poker face.

His behavior, though, communicated his feelings. What was hidden in his face was betrayed by his tail. And when he was REALLY excited, he would spin in clockwise circles. People loved him for it!

In 2014, we took a three-week Hawaiian vacation for our 25th anniversary. Our sons moved back in and cared for Skeeter. While away, we'd watch Skeeter using our webcam. We couldn't wait to get home and give him a hug. We anticipated an excited reunion, but when we walked in the door... he took one look at us, turned his back, walked away, and gave us the silent treatment for 24 hours.

SkeeterYes, this dog had emotions.

He bonded with each of us in unique ways. Only a few weeks after he joined the family, Janet's father passed away. Skeeter barely knew us, but he jumped up on the couch and cuddled next to her. He knew she needed it. Curling up next to Janet became his permanent nightly routine.

Andy, our older son, shared care responsibilities with his brother, Kevin, when Skeeter first joined us. Andy had cared for dogs before and related well to Skeeter. Now married, Andy and his wife have their own dog – but Skeeter always got excited when Andy dropped by.

After 2014, Kevin took care of Skeeter during four more of our trips. He also lived at home for a few months after graduating college. Skeeter always slept in Kevin's bedroom when he was home. The bond between them was unique. Skeeter knew he'd be hanging out with Kevin the moment Kevin entered the door.

Skeeter In 2016, Charlie started telecommuting. Skeeter was his constant companion. As Skeeter got older, he no longer was content to hang out on a doggie bed on the other side of the office. He wanted to be at Charlie's feet... which is dangerous for a small dog next to a big guy in a rolling office chair constantly on the phone. So Charlie worked in a "cage" to keep Skeeter safe. Skeeter hung out immediately behind the barrier, as close as to Charlie's chair as possible.

Skeeter loved going to the vet. Shots and procedures didn't faze him. Everyone at the office loved his sweet, calm temperament. One vet knew him the best; near the end, she described him as "one in a thousand."

SkeeterBut even the best things come to an end. In July, 2020, Skeeter developed progressively worse neurological symptoms, leading to a bad seizure in August and diagnosis of a tumor. Medicated, he hung in there a few days, allowing our sons and daughter-in-law to visit for their goodbyes. He now has a dignified resting place in the woods of our property.

Our thanks to B.O.N.E.S. for making this one-in-a-thousand connection.

Charlie, Janet, Kevin, and Andy Ross