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Mackey in the Cab Mackey came to B.O.N.E.S. from a bad situation in central Massachusetts. He was underweight and limped painfully. X-rays revealed a displaced femur fracture in his right hind leg – it was amazing that Mackey could use the leg at all. The options didn't look hopeful, but with help from the B.O.N.E.S. Medical Director, a carefully-structured exercise program, and a lot of TLC, he can now lead a normal life.

As Mackey recovered from his injuries, long-time B.O.N.E.S. adopter John was mourning the loss of his long-time beagle companion, Hudson, whose "Chronicles" were documented here for many years. John was settling into a new job with lots of driving, and Mackey loved to ride... a great match. John and Mackey will both share their viewpoints with us on this page.

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Labor Day, 2021

Mackey in the Cab - Labor Day, 2021


Happy Labor Day!

I apologize for taking such a long time between updates. Work has continued to be slow this year and we have mostly been staying in the state of Maine. A lot of routine and repetition tends to bleed one week into the next. Less is more in this case as far as Mackey's and my adventures go... at least that is the excuse I'm sticking with!

This weekend was a good weekend for us. We went down to Moody Beach in Wells, Maine, to visit my sister and her daughter. Mackey and I took out the kayak for a couple hours and explored the marsh behind their house. It was a beautiful afternoon and we had the water all to ourselves. Some days it is quite crowded and I feel like I'm on I-495!

After we got in, we headed down to the beach and spent about an hour throwing the tennis ball into the water. Mackey loves this and for the first time, actually went out over his head and swam after the ball! A couple of times he even rode the waves in! Mackey picked up this habit from Kathy's two dogs a few years ago. Unfortunately, her dogs are no longer with us, but Mackey has kept up the tradition, and we could all feel Toby and Chloe watching and cheering Mackey on that afternoon!

Mackey in the Cab - Labor Day, 2021Last night, we went to a barbecue with neighbors. Mackey had his buddy George to frolic with, and he met a new neighbor, Hilda. Hilda is a new rescue and is learning her new life in a much better world.

Mackey and I are both exhausted from all this socializing and we're enjoying a quiet day at home to recover.

Hope you all had a happy and safe Labor Day and travels.


Mackey in the Cab - Labor Day, 2021I'm having a lot of trouble keeping my eyes open while John writes this latest update. If there are any mistakes, it's probably because I fell asleep and didn't check his work.

The beginning of the weekend started off slowly with a two-hour tour of the marsh behind Kathy's house. It felt great to just lie down and let John do all the paddling as we glided down the river. There were lots of birds that were quite curious about us paddling about in their world. Most of them just watched us pass by, but a few got nervous and took flight. It's amazing to see them take off from the water. Wish I could try it!

When we got back, I dragged John down to the beach with Kathy and Christine so I could chase the ball into the water. I love running into the surf to get the ball. John even started throwing it out into the deeper water so I had to swim! I don't know what I like better, the waves or the actual swimming. I learned this all from Toby and Chloe, and wish they were there to join in the fun.