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Adopting a beagle can be a wonderful experience for all involved. Our goal is to find each beagle his or her "forever" home and our volunteers work carefully to find the right match for each beagle and for each approved adoptive home. Ally, pictured here, is a beagle rescued from an abusive situation (her previous owner actually wired her mouth shut, causing the scarring on her muzzle) and was adopted into a loving family.

AllyOur beagles are placed according to the type of home that best suits their needs. Adopting a dog is a big commitment, and we strongly encourage adopters to think about their decision carefully. We recommend taking an obedience class with your new beagle, as it is a wonderful bonding experience, and it teaches you to establish leadership rules in your home. Regular exercise is also important for any dog, and it will benefit you too. We will help you with some of the initial steps to transition your new dog into your home, but you must be committed to providing adequate structure, exercise, nutrition, and medical care for the lifetime of your dog.

Again, our goal is to find a "Forever Home" for all our beagles, a home that is the right match for both the beagle and the adoptive family. This is a serious decision, please think it through carefully.

The B.O.N.E.S. adoption process is outlined in the Adoption Process page. We look forward to working with you.