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Maximus Maximus Maximus Maximus Maximus Maximus

The B.O.N.E.S. Sensational Senior Beagle program exists due to the donations of those that care about the senior beagles. Each SSB has his/her own special medical needs. Please consider making a donation to the program by clicking the button above. As the program's fund grows, we can help more Sensational Senior Beagles like Maximus. Our SSBs thank you!

Sensational Senior Beagle!
Adopt a Wonderful Older Beagle

Hey there, I'm Maximus. I heard that you are in search of a new furry family member. Well, let me tell you a little about myself to see if maybe I'm the one for you. First of all, my foster mom says I am very graceful when I move... sort of like gliding! I do have a smooth step when I walk, trot, or run. Come see me in action! I really do love to run, so a physically-fenced yard is definitely a must for me.

I'm making great progress with house training, and I am already crate trained. I enjoy going for walks and walk very nicely on my leash. I've seen some beagles trying to walk so fast that their human can barely keep up. Well, that's just not polite. I will walk side by side with my person so that our stroll is pleasant for everyone.

While walking is a great way to get somewhere, riding in the car is also a good option. My foster mom tethers me in the back seat for safety, and I just relax and enjoy the trip. I wonder when she will let me drive?

I really do love my humans, and I show them by being extremely affectionate. Snuggling is just the best... sure hope my furever family enjoys cuddling just as much. In general, I'm pretty friendly to everyone. I'm also quite playful and really have a lot of fun when I have soft squishy toys to play with. They are the best! I do enjoy playing with my foster siblings as well, but I would also be comfortable as the only dog in the family.

When I was young, another dog (with poor manners) bit my right ear. Now I have a missing piece of ear on the bottom. I was worried that it made me look funny, but my foster mom says it just gives me more character. I hope everyone feels that way. I also have the best beagle bay. I put my nose straight up in the air and let out a melodic "Aroooooooo." If you are a beagle lover, you know how wonderful that sound can be.

Do I sound like I would be a good fit for your family? I sure do hope my furever family adopts me soon. I will be so excited to have a home of my very own! Then I will really throw my head back and say "Arooooo, Arooooo, Arooooo." What are you waiting for? I'm ready to go home.