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The B.O.N.E.S. Sensational Senior Beagle program exists due to the donations of those that care about the senior beagles. Each SSB has his/her own special medical needs. Please consider making a donation to the program by clicking the button above. As the program's fund grows, we can help more Sensational Senior Beagles like Bailey. Our SSBs thank you!

Sensational Senior Beagle!
Adopt a Wonderful Older Beagle

I'm in the spotlight? Really? How cool is that? Hey there, my name is Bailey. Apparently I'm a star because I have the honor of being in the B.O.N.E.S. spotlight! Yay!

I am looking for a family of my very own. Of course, I have a wish list for my ideal home. I absolutely LOVE going for walks. My foster family took me on some road trips – humans call it a vacation – and I did so well. I enjoyed the car ride and will sit in the back even though I really prefer to sit up front. I wouldn't want to miss anything with so many sights and aromas to experience. We went on long hikes, and I was in my glory. What a wonderful way to spend a vacation. I also stayed alone in the vacation house while my foster family went out to dinner, and when they returned, I got lots of praise for being a perfect angel while left alone. Some people may think that I wouldn't have much energy at my age, but let me assure you that I can easily keep up with dogs who are half my age. Come on, pick up the pace...

I love people food and generally stare at my humans when they eat. My foster mom tells me this is not polite and is working with me to break that habit. I'm getting better, but it surely would help if your meals didn't smell so wonderful.

I am very affectionate and enjoy cuddling with my people. I am content to nap on the couch, and I prefer to sleep in bed with my family at night. I am house trained, which is a very good thing. My foster family has tried to give me toys, but I have no interest in playing with toys. I'm just content to hang out with my humans.

And if you want protection from that person who shows up every day with mail, I'm your beagle. I bark and bark when the postman comes to the house. Hey, what are you doing leaving all that mail? Definitely suspicious if you ask me.

If you are a family needing protection from unwanted mail, and if you are someone who spends a lot of time walking and hiking, you won't find a better companion than me. Of course, I won't complain if you like to cook and need someone to sample it for you.

Okay, it's time for me to take a snooze in the sun and dream of my forever family. Can't wait to meet will certainly be a beagle dream come true.

Bailey the Beagle