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The B.O.N.E.S. Sensational Senior Beagle program exists due to the donations of those that care about the senior beagles. Each SSB has his/her own special medical needs. Please consider making a donation to the program by clicking the button above. As the program's fund grows, we can help more Sensational Senior Beagles like Elmo. Our SSBs thank you!

Sensational Senior Beagle!
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Hi there, I'm Elmo. I am a mature gentleman who reacts very well to all people and dogs. As a matter of fact, I prefer to have at least one other canine in my furever home since I am too sociable to be solitary. Of course, I'm house trained.

I stand at the door to let my humans know I need to be let out. Sometimes people are distracted and don't see me, so I go over and paw at them to alert them to my needs. Pretty smart, wouldn't you say?

I respond well to "sit" and "come," although at times I can have a slight stubborn streak. Then again, I am a beagle, so I guess it comes with the territory.

I enjoy several walks a day along with lots of naps. Naps are definitely underestimated. They are important for good health, so I am sure to always get in my daily quota.

Although some canines are hyper and in your face, I am very laid back. It is important to chill... life is too short to be stressed. However, I still have plenty of energy and like to walk at a quick pace. I'm really younger than my years because I keep myself in good shape.

I hope my new family takes me for rides in the car. I enjoy sniffing out the window while we travel. Of course, after a while the motion of the car makes me sleepy, so I just curl up and take a nap. For the importance of naps, please see above.

I do have a particular preference. I tend to bond very strongly with the "mom" of the household. While I will be fine with a mom and dad, my main squeeze will be the mom. There is nothing wrong with being a mama's boy. I am very attached to my foster mom and will nap under her desk when she works.