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Mackey in the Cab Mackey came to B.O.N.E.S. from a bad situation in central Massachusetts. He was underweight and limped painfully. X-rays revealed a displaced femur fracture in his right hind leg – it was amazing that Mackey could use the leg at all. The options didn't look hopeful, but with help from the B.O.N.E.S. Medical Director, a carefully-structured exercise program, and a lot of TLC, he can now lead a normal life.

As Mackey recovered from his injuries, long-time B.O.N.E.S. adopter John was mourning the loss of his long-time beagle companion, Hudson, whose "Chronicles" were documented here for many years. John was settling into a new job with lots of driving, and Mackey loved to ride... a great match. John and Mackey will both share their viewpoints with us on this page.

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September, 2017

Mackey in the Cab - September, 2017


Happy Labor Day!

It has been a busy summer at work. I've been working out of our Baltimore facilities for most of the summer. It was busy down there.

Mackey and I have been "living" out of the Baltimore yard for the summer. He's made some good friends down there, especially in the equipment group.

Our routine is to go into the office at 6 AM as soon as Adele arrives. She then proceeds to feed Mackey all sorts of assorted treats. He can tell which door to go into and he heads towards it whenever he gets the chance.

He has no interest in his breakfast any more, for some strange reason! So far, all the extra treats haven't hurt him, however, it is good that the bathing suit season is coming to a close.

I'll bet he is looking forward to our next mission down to Baltimore!


To quote Hudson, "Greetings from Maine!"

Since this my first real report, I am having trouble finding my literary voice. My other voice works just fine!

John and I spent most of the summer in Baltimore working out of the yard down there. I met a lot of people at the various job sites. A lot of them come over to say "hi" whenever we show up.

There was one site where everyone was busy unloading the truck and then re-loading it. It was hot out and everyone looked really hot. I was in the truck with the air conditioning on and was quite comfortable when this attractive woman (at least that's how John described her) came up to him with a bottle of water, said something to him, and pointed to the truck. She then came to the truck with him, opened the door and poured the water into MY bowl!

Mackey in the Cab - September, 2017I've also made a new friend back at the yard. Adele has two dogs at home and is an animal lover. She and I became good friends because I let her give me lots of treats every morning! Sometimes I get so much to eat, I skip my breakfast!

Now that we're back home, I'm back to the normal eating routine.

I can't wait to go back to Baltimore!