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Mackey in the Cab Mackey came to B.O.N.E.S. from a bad situation in central Massachusetts. He was underweight and limped painfully. X-rays revealed a displaced femur fracture in his right hind leg – it was amazing that Mackey could use the leg at all. The options didn't look hopeful, but with help from the B.O.N.E.S. Medical Director, a carefully-structured exercise program, and a lot of TLC, he can now lead a normal life.

As Mackey recovered from his injuries, long-time B.O.N.E.S. adopter John was mourning the loss of his long-time beagle companion, Hudson, whose "Chronicles" were documented here for many years. John was settling into a new job with lots of driving, and Mackey loved to ride... a great match. John and Mackey will both share their viewpoints with us on this page.

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July, 2018

Mackey in the Cab - July, 2018


John here, checking in.

We're here in Lawrenceville, Pennsylvania, waiting to deliver some equipment to a job in the morning. We don't usually leave on a Sunday, but this was a chance to keep the trucking "in house" and also to make up for a slow week last week.

Each spring, every employee gets an annual review. This year, Mackey was included, and... they put his name on the door of the truck.
I guess that's as close to a raise that a beagle can get!

We were all pretty excited about it, but he is taking it in stride. As for any raise for me, I don't have my name on my door!

A few weeks ago, we were involved in an event where the local companies donate trucks, heavy equipment, fire engines, etc., for the local school kids to climb up on and around. The weather was a lot better than last year and I think the volunteers had as much fun watching the kids as the kids themselves. I'm sure the neighbors dread this event, because the common theme among the kids and trucks are AIR HORNS!!!!

We may have a future trucker or equipment operator during these events.


Well, I finally got my name on the door! I've heard the subject come up a few times in the past, but now I feel like I belong.

Now that I think about it, I guess I don't really need my name anyway. I often hear from the other drivers that the people at the jobsites keep asking where Mackey is.

There are four drivers, Doug, Corey, Jay... and "the guy with Mackey." I think John is the one who needs his name on the door!

Mackey in the Cab - July, 2018We had some fun a few weeks ago when the local school let the kids climb up in the truck. I got tired of the air horn... too loud! But it was fun having the kids in the truck giving me all sorts of attention!

After the event was over, it was nice to get back to peace and quiet. It takes a lot of effort to be cute around so many children!

We're tucked in for the evening waiting for what's in store for next week. That's about all for now.