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We love to hear from stories from our adopters! Each one of these beagles touches our lives in a special way - hearing the "Happy Tails" makes everything we do worthwhile! Below are just a few examples of some of our happy beagle tails!

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Buddy My name is Buddy and I am 4 years old. I live an EXTRA-ordinary life in Boston and I LOVE it and here are my top 10 reasons why...

10. The Esplanade is my backyard all year long...and I get to walk, run and play there every day...

9. I enjoy picnics at the Public Garden during the Spring and Summer...and chasing after the ducks in the pond...

8. My dad takes me for weekly runs and my momma is so proud of me that I can run 5 miles.

7. I love walking with my mom to run errands on the weekend and every store seems to know I am coming to see them because they always have treats for me.

Buddy6. The dog toy store is a short walk away so when I am a good boy my mom will take me to the store to pick out a new bone.

5. I have built a diverse network of fellow dog friends...from pugs, Labradors, golden retrievers, greyhounds, collies, sheepdogs, bulldogs, and beagles...to name a few. In fact, my best dog friend lives in the same building...how cool is that (see picture below...)?

4. My secret love crush is Roxie, an American Bull Dog who lives around the block.

3. I love Ryan, who walks me in the afternoon during the weekdays when mom and dad are at work. I get to see my friends, Fenway and Jasmine, who also walk with us.

Buddy2. I travel with my parents for the holidays and vacations...and depending where we go...it could be the mountains or beach....and although it's enjoyable to have a yard or beach to roam around freely at times...I usually cannot wait to go back home to Boston. I love living in Boston and I can't imagine living anywhere else...

And the best thing of all...

1. I sun myself on my very own roof deck with a great view of the city skyline during the summer days while watching (and smelling...I am a beagle after all) my papa grill yummy food!