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Bella's Good Deeds Bella came to B.O.N.E.S. needing a new home. She had been greatly loved, but needed special attention to learn house training and overcome some fears. Loving, very smart, and having lots of energy, she made good progress while being fostered.

She was adopted by Vic and Nancy, who volunteer at hospitals, elderly centers, and schools. Bella showed her smarts by passing a series of training classes. She achieved Pet Therapy certification in 2016. Vic and Nancy will share stories about their experiences with Bella on this page.

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January, 2018: Reflecting on the Past Year

Bella's Good Deeds - January, 2018: Reflecting on the Past Year Ten degrees last night, New Year's Eve, and six degrees this morning with negative wind chills! Who can blame me from claiming this spot on everyone's favorite chair near the fireplace, with Mom's magic afghan, reflecting on the past year and considering what 2018 will bring?

2017 was a great year for many reasons. The grandchildren continued to grow and thrive, learning much from their parents love and guidance. Grandma and Papa come back exhausted but revived on their babysitting Tuesdays. Their friends provided fun times, support, and in Grandpa's case his remaining form of sport and competition. Grandma's lunches with Rosie provide her with an opportunity for great friendship moments and a chance to girl talk.

In my case, our weekly Pet Therapy work at Miriam and Kent provided us a special project which brought a little cheer and diversion to both patients and employees. We took special pride that we assisted many on Christmas morning at the Miriam Hospital.

We learned a lot about Rhode Island completing our walks in 30 cities or towns. We met many friendly and kind people. The city mayors and their staffs were very accommodating and represented their communities extremely well. The beauty of our state takes second place to none.

In addition to the hospital work and the weekly walks, I had great fun at the SK Dog Park, Krista's Dog Walking, and especially Wags and Whiskers with Sherry and Lois. Our vacation to Falmouth was special and I enjoyed the sleepover at the beach hotel.

Bella's Good Deeds - January, 2018: Reflecting on the Past YearHow can 2018 beat this past year? Not sure what the year will bring all of us but I can accept more of the same. I am certainly one lucky dog! A wonderful home with loving parents, my own stuff, and good food daily!

I know one thing: I know this weather is temporary, but I am looking forward to spring and then summer. In the meantime, I just might never leave this chair, with the magic afghan, next to the fireplace.

I will continue my reflection, giving thanks, dreaming, and wishing all a Happy New Year.