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5.5 year old male
Good with dogs
Good with cats
Good with kids of all ages

Is it snuggle time? Yay... my favorite thing!

My name is Jelly, and there is nothing better than cuddling with my humans. I enjoy being wherever people are. Guess you can say I'm a pretty sociable boy. I even overheard my foster mom say that I am a wonderful hugger! As a matter of fact, I love being with humans so much that I would do best in a home where at least one person is home with me most of the time.

Besides being such a love, I also spend time playing with my foster siblings and exploring the fenced yard. Of course, you can't play forever, so I often end up lounging in the sun. Naps are awesome! That's not to say I don't enjoy walks, because I really do. I walk very nicely on my leash, making walk time a pleasure for my humans as well. Sometimes people stop to chat with someone on a walk. That's fine, but don't expect me to just stand here waiting. I take that opportunity to lie down and rest. You want me to get up now? Geez, I just got comfortable. Okay, okay, I'll get up...slowly.

I know that some dogs love to go for car rides, but they are not really my favorite thing. You see, after about 20 minutes or so, I tend to get carsick. All that motion just makes me queasy. I think walks or very short car rides are best.

I assure you that I have very good manners. I'm very respectful of other dogs' food and space and never do things to make them angry. I am even polite to the feline residents.

Once in a while, my foster parents say something to me in a stern voice. I guess they may be reprimanding me for something, but I just ignore them. I am a beagle, after all! And I can't have done anything too bad, since my foster mom tells me I am a "delightful little man." Awww, now I'm blushing.

Mostly, I'm just happy to hang out with my family. I don't need a ton of activity, but I do enjoy exploring the outdoors, so a family with a physically-fenced yard would be best for me. I'm really looking forward to having a family of my very own to love. I already have tons of hugs waiting for you!