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2.5 year old female
Good with dogs
Unsure about cats
Good with kids of all ages

Hello, my name is Lola. I am the smaller sister.

Hi there, I'm Piper and am a bit bigger than my sister. Having the size advantage, I sometimes push Lola out of the way. Don't worry; it's just a little nudge. I love her very much.

We're both alike in many ways. Sniffing is a favorite activity. We love to sniff everything in our path. Oh, we wish our humans could share in the joy we can smell!

Riding in the car is a fun activity. We settle in and ride well after being restless for the first five minutes or so.

We're a bit frightened of the machine that cleans up the floors and the rugs. You know, the one that humans like to push around the house? It picks up fur! And other things on the floor! We've discussed it and decided it is best to avoid that contraption. What if we get sucked up? We will disappear!

We've never had to be alone at home without our humans. Every day that our people work, we go to doggie day care. It is so much fun! We love all our canine friends and get to play all day long. Of course, we go home together and always have each other. We've never been apart from each other since we were born, so if it's possible, we're looking for a home together.

One thing we both need is a physically-fenced yard. You know that we are beagles and our nose sometimes leads us places we shouldn't go!

Did we tell you that we love kids? We have lots of energy... so maybe not little ones but kids over six are perfect for us!

Lola here... I love all dogs and all people. I will even stand on my human's lap and stare until the human pets me. That feels so good.

Piper here... I'm very outgoing and always show a ton of enthusiasm when my humans come home, even if it has only been five minutes. Where have you been? It has been so long! I also enjoy sleeping on my back with my paws in the air. Ahhh, that is so comfy.

We both are house trained and know the commands "sit," "down," and "come." We also comply with corrections such as "drop," "down," and "off." We're a couple of really loving pups who just need a forever home.

One thing you should know – while we we'd love to be adopted together, we're also ready to go out on our own and see the world. As long as we have another dog to hang out with, we will be happy. Add a few kids and the physically-fenced yard and you have a deal!