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Our average cost per beagle for medical care is well over $725, much more if the beagle has special needs. Please consider making a donation. You can use the PayPal™ link above to sponsor Maja or visit our Help a Beagle page for more options.

Maja's Sponsors
Thomas Rochenski
Christi Rivett
Patricia Warner
Andrew Dresher
Cindy Laurenza
Carol Grover
Walk on the Moon
Get Well Maja! Love, The McGearty's
Kedric Bartsch
Paula Jean Hamlin
Elizabeth Nathans
Richard Gilley
Sally Bashalany
You'll soon have the forever home that you deserve, Maja. "Josie" Bashalany
Thomas Scarlata
Stephen Lincoln
Joan Siegel
In loving memory of our beloved 14 year old beagle Aurora. Congratulations for all you do for the beagles!
Pat Nelson
Debby Galvin
Elizabeth Laliberty
David Galvin
Andrea O'Donnell
Carol Hahn
Karam Dhanoa
Heather Bourbeau
What a sweet little lady!!! Get Well Maja!
Marilyn Breuer
Maja,you are such a beautiful little girl. We want to give you hugs & kisses. Here's to better health & a forever home. Marilyn Breuer & Daisy
Mary Lockwood
Marsha Reidy
Laura Guskiewicz
Robyn Devine
Patricia Lyons
Doreen Farina
Robert and Diane Shepard
This donation is for Maja and is given in memory of our beloved beagle Marti.
Harvey Ross
A Friend of B.O.N.E.S.
Get well, little one!
Julie Collins
This donation is in memory of my sweet, little girl Dickens, who also suffered from seizures.
Scott Michaud
Suann Aubut
In loving memory of our sweet "Ole Man" Chief
Christina J Donato
Glenda Templet
Get well soon!
Kay Watman
Gregg Monette
Dianne Currier
In loving memory of Indy who had seizures too.
Kelly Brown

9 year old female
Good with dogs
Unsure about cats
Good with kids of all ages

Adopt a Wonderful Older Beagle

Hi there, my name is Maja, and I am looking for a forever home. I'm a very friendly, loving, and sweet family dog.

I like to go for walks, although I do pull on my leash a bit. I don't want to be naughty... I just get so excited with all the scents that I pull because I am enthusiastic.

I do enjoy going for rides in the car and ride quietly in the back seat. Of course, I'm much more comfortable doing my business in familiar places. For this reason, my preference is to stay close to home. Don't you prefer your own bathroom to public places? I knew you would understand.

I am making very good progress with my house training, and I already know the commands sit and come. When I first came into B.O.N.E.S., I was very sad. It has been because of the wonderful care from my fosters that I have progressed into such a happy girl. I really have come a long way from when I was first rescued. What a difference love can make!

I love my people, especially females. As a matter of fact, it really upsets me to be away from them. Humans call it separation anxiety, but I just call it "I love you and want to be with you always." I always follow my foster mom from room to room. I feel much more comfortable when I can keep an eye on my humans to be sure they can't disappear on me. At night, I sleep in my own bed but in the same room as my humans. I like to know they are close by.

My foster mom uses a noisy machine to clean the floor. I don't like that thing because it sucks up fur. I have fur! If I get too close, I'm afraid it will suck all my fur off! Then what will I do? I don't think anyone will want to adopt a bald beagle! So far, I have avoided the vacuum so still have all my fur. Whew!

Are you looking for a very sweet and affectionate beagle girl to be your constant companion? It will be a dream come true to have my very own family to love me forever. Sure hope to meet you soon!