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Donald Donald Donald Donald Donald

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8 year old male
Good with dogs
Unsure about cats
Good with kids of all ages

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Are you looking to add a new fur baby to your family? What an amazing coincidence! I am looking for a family of my very own!

My name is Donald, and I'm a very good boy. I'm already house trained and know the commands "sit" and "come." I'm very affectionate and love nothing more than snuggling with my humans. As a matter of fact, I will often walk over to my human and rest my chin on her knee. I just love to be close and be loved by my people.

Do you drive? I don't, but I do enjoy going for rides in the car. I am very well behaved in the car... I just sit quietly and check out the scenery. I also get very excited to go out to play in a physically fenced-in yard, which is a requirement for my new home. When the door opens, I just bolt right out into the yard. Yay, it's playtime! Short walks on level ground are also good. Okay, so I admit I do pull a bit on my leash. Just follow me! I will sniff out some cool stuff!

Although I generally do the right thing, on the rare occasions that I do something of which my foster mom disapproves, she just says "no." I immediately stop whatever I'm doing, usually with a guilty expression on my face. I want to be a good boy!

Although it isn't a deal breaker, I'd prefer to have a canine companion since I am very sociable. I like having friends to play with. And when night comes and it's bedtime, I settle right down and sleep well throughout the night.

I'm sure you've heard about beagles being very vocal. Well, that may be true for some, but I'm actually very quiet. I don't feel it is necessary to say a lot. I guess that's a good thing since some people prefer a quiet dog.

Do I sound like the beagle who will make your family complete? I sure hope to find my forever home soon. Looking forward to meeting you soon!