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Our average cost per beagle for medical care is well over $725, much more if the beagle has special needs. Please consider making a donation. You can use the PayPal™ link above to sponsor Todd or visit our Help a Beagle page for more options.

4.5 year old male
Good with dogs
Good with cats
Good with kids of all ages

Hi there, my name is Todd. Where are you going? Wait for me! I have to follow my human everywhere. I love getting lots of attention, too. Can you pet me, please? I'm a fairly low-energy beagle who enjoys spending time with my humans as well as my foster sibling.

We play chase a lot. It's a fun game, especially outside. I really enjoy having lots of outside time. I guess you could say I am an outdoorsy type of guy.

I'm fairly quiet and respond to correction by going in another room. I overheard my foster mom say I'm very smart. I don't like to brag, but I know some things. I'm house trained as well as crate trained. I also know when someone is coming my way with medication... time to run away!

Mostly, I love to snuggle with my humans, because (besides the medication thing) people are pretty cool. They even drive cars, which is awesome, because I enjoy riding. I just sit quietly and watch the scenery go by.

Can you please take me for a walk? This way, no this way, wait follow me it's that way! Okay, so I guess I get pretty excited on walks. I can't help myself with all the enticing scents out there. That's why I pull on my leash. I just want to smell everything!

Of course, exercise is very important, especially since I'm trying to lose a little weight. I'm currently a bit overweight, but I am on Woof Watchers and have been working out. I should be slim and trim in no time. Although I can get plenty of exercise on walks, a physically fenced yard would be a big plus. Then I could really run off those extra calories.

If your family would benefit from a loving, sweet, and gentle beagle, please consider me as your next furry family member. It will be a dream come true to have a loving family of my very own. Can't wait to meet you!