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The B.O.N.E.S. Sensational Senior Beagle program exists due to the donations of those that care about the senior beagles. Each SSB has his/her own special medical needs. Please consider making a donation to the program by clicking the button above. As the program's fund grows, we can help more Sensational Senior Beagles like Radley. Our SSBs thank you!

Sensational Senior Beagle!
Adopt a Wonderful Older Beagle

Hello. My name is Radley. I am feeling so grateful to be in my foster home. I really enjoy following my foster mom around everywhere she goes. It is so nice to get lots of love from my humans. I just love my people.

Do you know what else I love? FOOD! I can be pretty crafty when my reward is something yummy. Okay, I admit, I am obsessed with food. But it pays off! The first loaf of bread was good; the second loaf was a bonus; and the steak!!! What can I say? I started singing "Heaven, I'm in Beagle Heaven..." Seems my foster parents were not intending for me to find these treasures. But as I always say, never underestimate the power of a hungry beagle!

I know many things in addition to being a food thief. I am house trained as well as crate trained. As a matter of fact, I often take naps in my crate with the door open. I like having a cozy place to call my own. I also know the commands sit and come. Oh, I probably should mention that my foster mom "signs" those commands. You see, I am deaf, but my foster mom is teaching me sign language, and I am learning very quickly.

I enjoy taking lots of short walks, and I am very good on a leash. I don't know how to drive, but if you do, I make a great companion for the trip. I find car rides to be very pleasurable, and I just relax quietly while taking in the scenery.

Do you have room in your heart and home for a very loving older gentleman? If you enjoy snuggling and have access to yummy food and treats, I think we could be great together!