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This section is devoted to our beloved dogs who are waiting at the Rainbow Bridge. If you would like to include a tribute to your B.O.N.E.S. beagle(s) that crossed to Rainbow Bridge, please send your story and/or photo(s) to

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Libby Loo Brew (March 16 - September 15, 2003)

Libby Loo Brew She came to us to spend her final days as she battled lymphatic cancer. Her time with us was too short, but we managed a summer of weekly fishing trips with lunch on the beach and a chance to wade. Libby Loo taught us all about endearing love and trust and the grace to accept life's lot with dignity.

She was mourned deeply by her loving sister Elsey Mae as our hearts rejoiced that she had found freedom from her sickness as she crossed the Bridge. You will always have a most tender place in our hearts, precious Libby Loo.

Thank you for the life lessons and love we shared.
Nancy, Butch, Elsey Mae and Charlie Hoo.