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We love to hear from stories from our adopters! Each one of these beagles touches our lives in a special way - hearing the "Happy Tails" makes everything we do worthwhile! Below are just a few examples of some of our happy beagle tails!

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Skeeter Six months ago today, Ibby Nathans hosted the "meet-and-greet" for our beloved Skeeter. We took him home, and he has been a wonderful addition to the family.

Skeeter seems to be very comfortable here. He doesn't like it when we leave him alone (which isn't that often), but the only way he shows it is by sitting in his (wide-open) crate and howling. (We spy on him by webcam!) He's a very well-behaved beagle. Doesn't counter-surf, raid the trash, or destroy stuff.

In fact, he almost never makes a noise while we're here... that is, if he's AWAKE. I spend 20+ hours a day with him; I can attest that this dog gets into some SERIOUS barking and growling matches in his dreams.

SkeeterOh, yeah... he snores constantly. Most of the time it's cute. Most of the time.

And handsome... my Facebook friends kid me that I post more pictures of the dog than I do of my wife and sons!

SkeeterI'm very grateful for B.O.N.E.S., and have enjoyed helping with the web site. But the small amount I do pales by comparison with some of you who deal with the dogs day in, day out... transporting them hundreds of miles... nursing them back to health... dealing with their stresses and resulting, um, "gifts." (We computer types don't need supplies of "Nature's Miracle" for our work.)

I've really come to appreciate the effort that goes into helping these beagles and making families happy with a cutie like Skeeter. I'm very thankful.

Skeeter celebrated today by... sleeping.