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13th Annual Beagle Bash - (09/24/2016) Paws in the Park 2016 - (05/01/2016)
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Sunday, May 01, 2016

Paws in the Park was a fabulous group effort where volunteers cam together, helping each other and beagles in need. I arrived at the Wayside Inn at 8:30 am. Barbara Yocum, her husband Joe, and Ibby Nathans were already hard at work setting up the tent and organizing bins and supplies. I wasn't feeling well, and felt myself scrambling to finalize the event details. Ibby and Barbara wrapped the raffle basket with a sheer red bow and cellophane, ready for display to the incoming public. Toys, the poster boards with beagles summaries, and the nail clipping table were set up for use. The speakers were booming with music and the atmosphere was upbeat throughout the event.

And although Paws in the Park did not draw as many people due to the raw, rainy weather, volunteers worked long and hard to raise money and awareness of our rescue beagles. It seemed as if almost every breed of dog circled the booths, and many people stopped to visit the B.O.N.E.S. booth. A proud pet parent stopped by our booth with a beagle/boxer mix, who comically responded to every one of his owner's commands, prancing, playing dead, and even rolling on the ground to people's amusement. A little girl stopped by with her little white pomeranian, returning repeatedly, in awe of the shiny, red ribbon wrapped raffle basket, waiting enthusiastically for the raffle ticket to be drawn.

As the day progressed, it got rainier and colder, but we kept our spirits up, sharing stories about our beloved beagles, past and present, and even buying each other coffee and pastries. Lisa Dinicula arrived around noon despite just getting over strep throat. Sue Ciulla stopped by, despite her recent surgery. Rebecca Pancare enthusiastically sold raffle tickets to the public and stayed until the end of Paws in the Park to help Sharon Vartanian and I break down the booth.

And although the bad weather did not bring the crowds anticipated, the people who participated in the event seemed to be oblivious to that drizzly, cold New England day. Children and their parents played games with their pooches and ran across the field, enjoying the day.

Everyone was their for one purpose: to raise awareness of animals in need.

I want to thank Barbara Yocum, her husband Jim, Ibby Nathans, Lisa Dinicola, Rebecca Pancare, and Sharon Vartanian, who made sure that not a minute was wasted to raise money and awareness of rescue beagles.

Even though it rained a good part of the day, volunteers raised $241.00 for the beagles:
Donations - $65.00
Raffle - $130.00
Toys - $46.00

Many Arooos from the beagles!

Lucy Doucette Outreach Coordinator - MA Beagles of New England States

Paws in the Park 2016 Paws in the Park 2016 Paws in the Park 2016 Paws in the Park 2016 Paws in the Park 2016 Paws in the Park 2016