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Sunday, May 07, 2017

What a great day we had at Paws in the Park on Sunday! Someone must have been on our side because although they predicted cloudy, rainy weather, the sun shone right from the crack of dawn. The turnout was pretty good starting at 11:00 am, when there was a dog walk, and then at 12:00 pm for the Parade of Adoptable Dogs. And although things slowed down a little around 1:30 pm, we still raised money for the beagles through donations and purchases of raffle tickets, and we spread the word about Beagles of New England States and our adoptable beagles.

Visitors came to Paws in the Park with their beloved pups. From Bernese Mountain dogs to beagles, there were breeds of all different sizes, some of which were dressed for the occasion. Chichuahua pups in pastel shirts and matching shorts, pomeranians with blue and pink painted tails, and a beautiful black and white mottled great dane were just a few of the dogs that accompanied their owners at Paws in the Park. There were many dogs who sat politely and extended a paw for treats at our booth. So many, so much fun to see.

I want to thank Sharon Vartanian, Jim Yocum, Robin Brousseau, Bob Oliver, Merle Solomon, her daughter Alexa, and of course Merle's beagle Teddy for representing our organization at this year's Paws in the Park. Also, thank you to the volunteers who stopped by.

In all, we raised the following, totaling $185.00:

Donations $35.00
Merchandise $14.00
Raffle Basket $136.00

Thank you from me, but thank you most of all from the beagles!

Lucy Doucette
Outreach Coordinator - Central MA
Beagles of New England States

Paws in the Park 2017 Paws in the Park 2017 Paws in the Park 2017 Paws in the Park 2017 Paws in the Park 2017 Paws in the Park 2017 Paws in the Park 2017