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Rosa Calcari Named Public Relations Assistant

I am pleased to announce that Rosa Fratangelo Calcari, has accepted the newly created position of public relations assistant. A B.O.N.E.S. volunteer from Massachusetts, Rosa brings her experience in public relations and passion for rescuing beagles to the Public Relations office and Fund Raising Committee.

Rosa's passion for Beagle Rescue started in 2005 when she found a 12 year old deaf and very sick abandoned Hunting Beagle she named Boomer and shared her life with for five and a half years. To use her words, Boomer is the beagle who changed her life and introduced her to the wonder and magic of the beagle breed.

In her real life, Rosa has been an animal control officer for over 10 years and shares her home with her husband Jon (a German Shepard man) and seven beagles.