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Our average cost per beagle for medical care is well over $725, much more if the beagle has special needs. Please consider making a donation. You can use the PayPal™ link above to sponsor Toby or visit our Help a Beagle page for more options.

Toby's Sponsors
Hilary Frye
John Picciano

9.5 year old male
Good with dogs
Unsure about cats
Good with kids of all ages

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Hello there, my name is Toby, and I'm looking for a home of my very own. I am a very good boy who knows lots of things, like sit, stay and come. I'm also house trained and crate trained. I bet you're impressed, aren't you?

Once in a while, if I do something of which my foster mom does not approve, she will scold me. When she does that, I lay down on my back. I'm sorry, aren't I cute? Sometimes I have things that I don't want to share with my humans or my canine foster siblings. When that happens, my foster mom offers me a trade. Oh, yes thank you, I will trade this for that piece of bread... yum!

I enjoy going for walks. My human says I pull a bit, but I think she just strolls too slowly. I guess it's all in how you look at it. Anyway, outside is fun because there are lots of things to sniff. Humans miss out on so much good stuff because they don't have a beagle nose. Ideally, my new home will have a physically-fenced-in yard. That way, I can run around and sniff as much as I want.

All in all, I'm very affectionate and really love cuddling with my people. I also love getting belly rubs... ahhhh, that feels soooo good. Sometimes we take rides in the car, and I am very well behaved. I just sit quietly and enjoy the scenery going by.

Now that it's getting chilly out, you should really consider getting a new furry family member who can keep you warm at night. I'm really good at that! I sure hope my new family finds me soon. That would be a dream come true.